Monday, February 20th
President's Day - No Event
Tuesday, February 21st
Tacos & CO BBQ & Greek Wall
Wednesday, February 22nd
Sit Ups & Bench Competition
Cardboard Boat Race
Thursday, February 23rd
Raffle & Care-a-Thon Day
Friday, February 24th
Greeks @ UCI Red Bull
Paper Wings Qualifier
Monday, February 27th
Greek Awards Ceremony


Keep checking back for updates on our newest events and exciting plans for Greek Week 2012.


This year's Greek Week schedule features some fun and new events. Check out the full line up along with event details below!

CLICK HERE to download the Rules PDF (FINAL VERSION)

Tacos & Co BBQ and Greek Wall (Tuesday - Day)

11am @ Student Center Terrace. This is the kick-off event for Greek Week during the day on Tuesday, February 21st. Join us for a BBQ. Chapters will be invited to booth on Ring Road to showcase the Greek Community and lunch will be provided for all those who purchased Greek Week shirts. Chapters will receive points based on participation and presence at the event. Food will be served by 11:30am and is also available for purchase for just $5 for tacos and water! (NOTE: Select campus departments are welcome to join us for a free meal by invitation only!)

Tug-of-War (Tuesday - Night)

8pm @ ARC Fields. Back by popular demand, Tug-of-War will kick off the week . Pairings will face off in an all out tug-of-war tournament that will crown only one chapter as the ultimate champion. A DJ will spin as chapters are allotted points based on their overall performance in the tournament as well as chapter participation and support. Teams will be separated into a mens and womens bracket, featuring teams of six, and will advance to play in both a winners and losers bracket. Each team is guaranteed at least two matches (please note this is not double elimination).

Sit Ups & Bench Competition (Wednesday - Day)

11am @ Student Center Terrace. This event is back to showcase the health and fitness of the Greek Week pairings. Set up on ring road during the day, Fraternities will take part in bench pressing as many reps of a set weight as possible, while sororities will take part in a weighted sit-up battle. Points will be awarded on a per-member average based on each participant from each pairing. Men will lift 135 lbs while women will use a medicine ball. Minimum 40 participants per pairing to be eligible for points!

Cardboard Boat Race (Wednesday - Night)

7pm @ ARC Pools. Boat Race, Boats will be constructed between pairings at before the race, cardboard and duct tape are the only legal supplies for this event.  One member from each pairing will paddle the boat to one end of the pool and back, and then switch to a new member of the team, this must be a guy/girl switch. 15 minutes to race.

Raffle & Care-a-Thon Day(Thursday - Day)

11am @ Student Center Terrace. While signing it at the Greek Week booth, make sure to check out the wide selection of raffle prizes available; donated by the organizations participating and supporting sponsors, raffle tickets are $1 each, 100% of proceeds will go directly to Care-A-Thon.

Care-a-Thon (Thursday - Night)

6pm @ Pacific Ballroom. Care-A-Thon, come join us as we dance the night away, 80's style? This year we pledge the greek communities effort to make Care-A-Thon a bigger, funkier, and more community oriented effort. General admission is encouraged, card-making booths will also be available.

Greeks @ UCI Red Bull Paper Wings Qualifier (Friday - Day)

12:30pm @ ARC Basketball Courts. Join us at the Irvine qualifiers of the RED BULL Paper Wings competition. Make the right folds and you can win yourself a Switch Board pass (Surf and Snow passes, Lodging and transportation to Big Bear provided, Foster the People concert tickets, or even a voucher to have Red Bull sponsor your next event! Winner of the UCI qualifier will face off with the winner of the UCLA qualifier; the champion will head to Austria for the world championship (FACEBOOK PAGE).